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In this variety, our breeders have managed to twist our pure genetic strain par excellence, the Afghan Kush, which comes from the Kush lineage varieties grown in northern Afghanistan, in the mountain range from the Hindu Kush of 100% indica genetics. Buy afghan kush near me

It is nothing more than utilizing a rigorous selection and improvement of some explosive male and female specimens of this same Afghan line.

It is still a variety with the bearing and characteristics of 100% indica, maintaining its characteristic aroma and flavor, but with a higher resin production and a more powerful indica effect, if possible.

Appearance | Feminized afghan kush seeds

The plant grows relatively short, like most indica strains, and is filled with dark green leaves. Due to its landrace heritage, Afghani tends to spread wide rather than grow straight up, which needs to be taken into account by potential growers. Each of the buds is densely packed and blanketed in a layer of snowy trichomes and an abundance of orange hairs.Buy afghan kush near me

Flavor And Aroma | Buy afghani kush strain near me

One of the major pluses of Afghani is its delicious smelling flower. The smell of Afghani cannabis is reminiscent of sweet flowers and fresh wood. When ground up, it releases an earthy and floral aroma that’s a bit sweet on the inhale. Most consumers have reported that Afghani has a natural, earthy scent with subtly spicy and piney notes. In terms of flavor, Afghan is spicy and herbal with a dash of sweetness. As you inhale, subtle notes of mint and pine break through the other flavors, adding to its complex profile. On the exhale, your palate will be graced with its more spicy, woody undertones.

Growing | where to order afghan kush strain

Growing Afghan Kush seeds is a relatively simple process for novices and advanced growers alike. This strain has a high resistance to disease and will practically always be happy if exposed to enough sunlight. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, this strain has a flowering period of about 7-8 weeks and a harvest time around mid October. When grown indoors, Afghani will produce a yield of about 12 ounces per square meter, making this a pretty generous harvest. When grown outdoors, the yield  increases a bit to an average of 14 ounces per square meter. With an average THC content of 12% and CBD content of 1%, Afghani is overall a solid strain for any level of grower.

Medical Benefits

Afghani is widely used and celebrated because of its ability to treat a wide array of ailments. Thanks to its Indica lineage, Afghani can quickly bring relief to a person in distress. Therefore, it’s suitable for people with anxiety disorders, including social anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder. In the same vein, because of its calming and decompressing qualities, this strain can also bring relief to those suffering from insomnia. Using Afghani can help you sleep after a long, taxing day by reducing stress and relaxing your mind.

Afghani is also useful for nausea sufferers, regardless of the reason. In addition, Afghani Kush can act as a natural pain reliever for chronic pain sufferers.  Chronic pain can result from many potential sources, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic pain usually affects the nerves and when these nerves become overactive, patients feel extreme pain from even minor movements. Afghani has considerable amounts of CBD, which can help to reduce chronic pain or inflammation and help users gain relief.

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